Sunday, June 2, 2013

A brief look into the workshop

I thought I would share this video with you all.  My husband was playing around one time while I was taking pictures of my soaps.  My room is a little messy so please look past that.

I have been attending the Penticton market every Saturday and I LOVE it.  It is such a great, positive atmosphere.  This Friday I will also be starting the Lake Country Farmers Market and will be there every other Friday.  This is where I got my start and I am exciting to be doing it again for a fourth year.


  1. Great video! I loved that little peek into your soap room, totally drooling over that closet full of fragrances!!!

  2. Ooooh I'm so jealous of your working space! We're on the lookout for a house, and your video totally inspired me as to how I want my soapy room to be. :) I originally was going to settle for a basement all to myself, but your room setup looks lovely!